Jun 29, 2015

LOTD #567

Hi girls!!! You probably heard the fantastic news that Belleza updated Venus mesh body!!! Yaaaaaaaay! So lets talk about the update for a bit! With a purchase of the body you get Venus + 2 new bodies: Isis and Freya. Isis is a bit thicker than Venus, where Freya is very curvy and luscious. So with one purchase you'll get 3 types of bodies that can satisfy all your needs, believe me. Alpha HUD is also updated with a lot extra alpha cuts that you can apply to one side of the body or to both. Also the back underwear layer is fixed so the clothing is fully visible on the back when applied. Omega HUDs are of course compatible (the lingerie I'm wearing on the photo has OMEGA appliers). Note that I am wearing the same shape with all 3 bodies!

I noticed that skin appliers that were made for the previous version of Venus aren't the best fitted on the hands and feet of the new updated version. That's because hands and feet are remapped for this version, so using old appliers will cause strange feet :). Also alpha save slots and neck sizing options are added along with neck sheath option for the better blend in (I tested it on a Essences skin and the neck blends in perfectly there is no need for neck sheath to be on, but its awesome to have an option).  Materials option can be switched on for all layers + there are skin effects that can be switched on. An awesome touch are texture refresh buttons for all layers (including skin) that make your SLife so much easier!
As for the skin presets: along with 7 Belleza skin presets there are 7 Bellezsa Classic skin presets available + color picker too (in case your favorite skin designer doesn't want to make Belleza skin appliers).  There is a new breast option too and nails have been reshaped and look superb now. I'm giving you screens of a HUD so you can check it out! The HUD that's all new is Wardrobe HUD (Included in purchase) where you can save your clothing layers and easily browse through them.  Teleport to the Belleza mainstore now to purchase this beautiful body or to get your re delivery (if you haven't already got it)!!!


Skin: Belleza - Amelia NEW!!!
Body: Belleza - Venus, Isis, Freya NEW!!!
Lingerie: MAAI - Oaks Lingerie
Hair: Magika


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